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For Release October 15, 2012

Vaastu, a source of everlasting peace and prosperity

In his endeavor to bring Vaastu a step closer to the general people, famous Vaastu luminary and scholar ManMohan Taneja has now given shape to his long-awaited dream of creating a platform in SriSriVedicVaastu that can offer people comprehensive Vaastu related solutions in order live a happy and prosperous life.

Based on the age-old doctrine of how the nature affects human dwellings through the life-force accorded in the five basic elements, namely Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Sky (Aakash) and Fire (Agni), Vedic Vaastu is ancient Indian science of design and architecture that primarily deals with the construction of human dwellings and its resultant affect on the people living within its boundaries.

SriSriVedicVaastu ( is an initiative in that direction to help people deal with the nature-force in order to harness its immense potential towards a happy and prosperous living. SriSriVedicVaastu aspires to remind the humanity the tremendously powerful benefits of the ancient Indian science of Vaastu, when adopted in our daily life and living.

According to Mr. Taneja there is an invisible cosmic relation between the five basic elements and their effect on human life and home. “One can greatly improve his well-being and prosperity if their establishment (Be it a home, office or any other commercial establishment) are Vaastu correct. Such places are capable in/of effectively balancing the five basic elements vis-à-vis people and the material, thus paving way for spiritual well-being, health, wealth and prosperity,” he says.

“Life is the ultimate gift of God. But, instead of living life to its fullest and celebrating it, we are being consumed by the menacingly increasing pace of change and the pressure to cope up with it, resulting in strife and destruction of our personal and professional well-being. Vaastu is not only the answer but is the precise antidote to all kind of negativity, be it in life, home, relation, family or business,” he stresses.

About SriSriVedicVaastu Consultants

SriSriVedicVaastu is the brainchild of famous Vaastu luminary and expert ManMohan Taneja. He has been working towards making Vaastu part of the mainstream for about a decade. The latest initiative in SriSriVedicVaastu is the culmination of his long awaited dream of creating a platform that offers people comprehensive Vaastu related solutions for their buildings in order to lead a congenial, healthy and prosperous life.

SriSriVedicVaastu is committed towards the ‘Complete Satisfaction of its Patrons’ which stems from Mr Taneja’s belief that “Vaastu transforms a less than ordinary building into a powerful dwelling/ establishment, well-guided and bountifully endowed.”

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