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Come Back to Vaastu, to Live Life to its Fullest!

Vedic Vaastu, a science of happy and prosperous living, discovered by our wise sages in days of yore has all but been forgotten. SriSriVedicVaastu is an initiative towards reminding the humanity the tremendously powerful benefits of the ancient Indian science of Vaastu, when adopted in our daily life and living.



Life is the ultimate gift of God. But, instead of living life to its fullest and celebrating it, we are being consumed by the menacingly increasingly pace of change and the pressure to cope up with it, resulting in strife and destruction of our personal and professional well-being.

Vaastu is not only the answer but is the precise antidote to all kind of negativity, be it in life, home, relation, family or business.

Vaastu is a similar science for establishment/structure as Medical Science for human body. The right application of Vaastu clears our building of illness, keeps it healthy and helps keep diseases at bay. Merely possessing the modern-day utilities, furniture, gadgets etc. will not ensure happiness. What makes the difference is how they are positioned vis-à-vis the ‘five elements’ in order to generate positive energy and bring prosperity and well-being.

“Vaastu transforms a less than ordinary house into a powerful dwelling, well-guided and bountifully endowed”

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